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Crystal Caverns (2018)

For Saxophone Quartet

Duration: 7'30"

Score and Parts will be available soon through Just a Theory Press

Program Notes: Imagine a cave, filled with crystals that can glow even when no other light is present. As they glow, they sing a song to each other not of our world. The idea for Crystal Caverns originally came from the idea of light shining through a crystal in such a way that it refracted into a spectrum of different colors. One ray of light enters, but many rays of color exit. The same concept in conceived in the lower saxophones as one stream of air enters the horn, but multiple notes exit at the same time through multiphonics. From there, I imagined a cave full of these crystals. It’s a beautiful, magical, and engaging image that has been conjured in many fantasy and sci-fi mediums; a cave full of multicolored crystals glowing, seemingly without anything to give them initial illumination. And so, the layers that go over these hypnotic multiphonics create a realm of magic and wonder, but also mystery as I imagine what a cavern full of these crystals
would sound like. 

Premiered by Iridium Saxophone Quartet; Red Note New Music Festival, Illinois State University, Center for the Performing Arts, Normal, IL





February 13th, 2019

Center for the Performing Arts

Illinois State University

Normal, IL

Iridium Saxophone Quartet


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