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David (2010)

For Brass Ensemble with Tenor Solo

Duration: 11'30"

Score and Parts are available for purchase

Program Notes: David was the second king of Israel. However, he was born a Sheppard. It was his slaying of the giant Goliath and his
incredible musical ability that gave him great standing with King Saul. With his ability in commanding armies, Saul noticed potential
in David and began to fear him. David fled Israel and a war ensued. During the war, Saul and one of his sons are killed and David is
anointed king of Judah. After becoming king of Judah, David is presented with the head of the son of Saul, the new king of Israel.
Although David is furious at this act, the elders of Israel name him king.
       David was considered to be a great king and he won many wars, but he is shown to be no more than a man by Bathsheba.
David falls in love with the already married Bathsheba, but to solve his problem, he send Bathsheba husband, Uriah the Hittite to the
front lines of his army to die. David marries Bathsheba, but as a punishment, God sets David’s own son, Absalom, against him in a
revolt. During the battle that takes place, Absalom is killed. David mourned terribly for the death of his son, but devoted the remainder
of his life to God.

Premiered by the IUP Brass Ensemble, Dr. Christian Dickinson, Conductor; Fisher Auditorium, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA





April 23rd, 2011


Fisher Auditorium

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Indiana, PA

IUP Brass Ensemble

Mark Dundore - Tenor

Dr. Christian Dicksinson - Conductor

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