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Lullaby (2014)

For SATB Choir, String Quartet, Amplified Voices, and Piano

Duration: 6'30"

Program Notes:

            Lullaby is written to bring to light just a small glimpse of the pain, struggle, and chaos that is the everyday life of a child soldier. The lullaby being sung in the choir is that of a mother singing her child to sleep, but knowing that he will soon be taken from her. Meanwhile, the piano and cello create a dissonant reality to represent what the young innocent boy is being pulled into. Whispered chants are used to provoke a sense of inner struggle as they tell a different story than the one being told by the choir. However, as the song progresses, the two lines of texts begin to make more sense to each other as the story unfolds.

Premiered by Students of Manhattan School of Music, Timothy Parsons - ConductorFebruary 20th, 2014, Borden Auditorium, Manhattan School of Music, New York, NY





Stewartstown United Methodist Church

Stewartstown, PA

March 11th, 2017

SUMC Choir and Musicians

Derek Cooper - Conductor


Borden Auditorium

Manhattan School of Music

New York, NY

Feb. 20th, 2014

Students of Manhattan School of Music

Timothy Parsons - Conductor


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