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Program Notes:

Supekutoru is based off the below diagram which depicts the primary additive colors. Additive colors are created by using light instead of paints to create color. Therefore, the properties are different than those that we’re used to. In the additive color process, the primary colors are red, green, and blue. The following combinations occur:

Green + Red = yellow
Red + Blue = Magenta
Blue = Green = Cyan
Green + Red + Blue = White

In Supekutoru, the flutist journeys around the wheel of color on stage. The music being played slowly changes as well and begins to depict a new color. The entire piece is a chaconne in that it’s based off a simple harmonic structure, but the process distorts it. Each color is represented by different musical characteristics. As the colors change and blend, so do these characteristics.

Supekutoru (PDF)

  • Instrumentation:

    Solo Flute

  • Pages:


  • Dimensions:

    11 X 17

  • Duration:


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